Sibarita Design Studio creates concepts and spaces of unsurpassed beauty, with “The Pleasure Principle” being the underlying note.

Sibarita offers abroad and also now in India 360°design services in architecture, interior design, space planning, furniture making, brand identity, landscape design and masterplanning. Specialized in luxury hotels, restaurants and residential .

Sibarita celebrates the life of a hedonist, a libertine who seeks luxury and pleasure from one’s surroundings. Voluptuous sensual textures, luxurious colours, earthy rich materials and gratifying experiences.

Sibarita’s inspiration derives from the lives of the pleasure-seeking Sybarites, ancient Greek inhabitants of Sybaris, whose lives were devoted to the pursuit of self-indulgence and luxury. When fine wines and elaborate meals vied with exquisite surroundings to create a life of spectacular extravaganza.

And that is The Pleasure Principle on which Sibarita is founded.
Celebrating life lived to the fullest – without compromising on the pleasures that life has to offer. The desire to live life on the edge, seeking sensual pleasure is powerfully and fundamentally human. Hedonism is in our blood. Early Greek philosophers believed that pleasure was life’s ultimate goal and this is the principle behind Sibarita’s philosophy.

Sibarita transports you to a world of pleasure and luxury. Conceptualised and created by Patricia Emma Fernandez Ortiz, Sibarita was born out of her love for pleasure and luxury, and the desire to create living spaces that embody these elements.